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Updated: Aug 23, 2022


THE KINGDOM OF GOD – CONFLICTING KINGDOMS I have just completed a teaching manual on this topic which provides studies concerning the hour we are living, the end times happenings (now) and the influence of conflicting kingdoms to the Kingdom of God which we live in and experience every day.

This manual can be used by a facilitator to teach from, home churches and small groups to share and understand the Kingdom of God and to learn how to apply the Word of God to from living in Christ and living a victorious life.

This is an opportunity to get your ‘prepared’ and relevant study material without the hours of study - this material has been written over uncountable hours to support Christian growth and maturity.

This material is needed today – it has been released this week to over 300 Church Pastors and leaders to begin teaching from.

You can get your copy from our web site: for a cost of $25.00 plus postage or electronic version for $20.00 or by contacting us on: also available “Spiritual Warfare in the 3rd Millennium”

Contact us if you have any questions - remember to visit our YouTube channel for weekly teaching session, uploaded on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Contact Our Fathers-House if you think we can support you with teaching materials or if you would like for us to run a seminar on this or other topics, i.e., Vision – Three-Dimensional Person

God bless – we look forward to hearing from you

Trevor Davis

P: +64 279689979



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