Our Mission

Our Fathers House continues its work of encouraging, teaching, preaching, and sharing the gospel to many hundreds of people across the nations. 

Over the past few years, I have prepared and taught on numerous Bible topics on OurFathershouse YouTube channel, where there is a library available of almost 300 teaching snippets. We upload new teaching material on the YouTube channel on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, should you wish to tune in. Currently we speak to several churches and ministries across Australia and Asia. We are presently ministering directly into churches in Uganda, India and Kenya – this represents approximately 100 plus pastors and Churches. Where possible, pastors walk the streets speaking with people, going door to door, then from their phones, they call us to introduce them for us to speak to them. We also use online/facetime apps to communicate the power of the gospel to them – people are being saved and healed as we share –  it is indeed wonderful! I continue to write new material, including expounding on biblical doctrine, building His church, the gift ministries, Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God and current issues. These teachings can be viewed on Our Fathers House Youtube channel any time (approx. 350 videos) .

We are expanding these opportunities with new initiatives being considered continually. 

Trevor Davis



Trevor & Judy Davis & extended whanau.


As a Motivator and Equipper, Trevor Davis serves the Body of Christ, Pastors, Ministries and Businesses as a consultant, facilitator, coach, and strategic vision planner. His purpose is to help others succeed. Trevor and his wife Judith have served as pioneers, senior pastors, itinerant preaches, business owners, and strategic reviews for organizations. They both have a burning zeal for the Kingdom of God and the Local Church in its purpose to reach and equip people for their vocation across generations  

They minister with compassion and zeal the inexhaustible truths of the Word of God, bringing a refreshing perspective through practical application. Trevor's training in business and as a senior consultation to business equips him well to teach, train and run seminars on a variety of topics. 

Trevor is a consultant and mentor to leaders and business – his singular vision for his life is to support and equip the Church to function in realms of the Kingdom of God and to maximise people’s potential in life. Trevor engages with leaders through consultation, teaching material, resources and through speaking engagements. Trevor’s manuals are used in numerous places as a resource for training in Biblical principles and Truth for the Word of God.

They provide an environment of openness and acceptance for leaders and people from all walks of life to be encouraged and supported. Their commitment goes beyond denominational barriers. They live what they teach and demonstrate by example the Truths of the Word of God with responsibility, demonstrating the power of the Kingdom of God on Earth, bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

They have 5 daughters and fifteen grandchildren with a growing family to 34 members.

Trevor and Judith are available for consideration in any aspect of Church and business life.


Contact: +64 27 968 9979