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A 56 page study manual that can be used by yourself or in groups: churches, house churches, cell groups, cafe discussion.


This is an exciting manual with study topics which I believe help us to prepare for the hour in which we live. It enlightens the student of the times of the Lord and what He is doing on earth in this season.


I believe we can liken these days to that of John the Baptist, in the sense of ‘this being our time to prepare for the coming of the Lord’ (the second coming) and like the ministry of Elijah who challenged the nation to repent of sin and worshipping other gods, which had become a part of their everyday belief, the call was to return to God - this is the Word of the Lord for this season.


N.B. This is the digital, downloadable edition.

Shakings of the Lord [DIGITAL EDITION]

  • This manual is protected by New Zealand copyright law. As such, written permission is required from the author or publisher before this manual or any part thereof can be reproduced in any form.

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